Question How can I block communication with specific IP address AND specific port?


Dec 21, 2013
I am doing some testing on a program connected to two DBs with same IP address and different port. I need one of the DB to be online and the other to be unreachable. I presume that the easiest way would be blocking communication with given IP and port (as I cannot change easily the configuration in the program itself).

As I am working on Win 7 I tried to use windows firewall, found out how to block an IP address but I am not sure how to create a rule combining IP address with a specific port. I guess I should use the "custom" rule option, but even when I combine the IP address with a specific outbound port all the traffic with the specified IP address seems to be blocked.

I will be glad for any advice!


"DB's" being databases - correct?

And you cannot have two devices with the same IP address in a network. Subnetting may be necessary.

Are the databases mirrored/synched?

SQL, Access....?

I would forgo IP addresses, ports, etc.

Just apply passwords, Group Policy rules, etc. on the second to be "unreachable" database.

Likely there are a couple of options so more information about the situation and requirements will help.

And I am becoming a bit wary about Windows 7 - obsolete for all practical purposes but some folks are just stuck with it for any number of reasons.

More information recommended.
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