How can I change the EMail address associated with my Tom's account?


You may have registered twice, you may want to try to log in with the email address your trying to change it too and do a reset password if you get the email you may have to make another email account change update the "incorrect one" then change your current account once it has been released.
I may have created what is known in the I.T. world as a "Deadly Embrace" situation.:ouch:
I want to convert my primary account email to my Gmail account, and, since I tried the "Login with Google" option on the sign-in page, it created a new account, with my gmail address as the user ID. Now, I can't set my primary email address to my gmail address because it is in use by another user(Me:D) and I can't change the new account to use my current email because it is also in use by another user(Also me!:()

Can the account that uses my Gmail address be deleted? I really don't want to lose all of my badges,etc(not to mention my userID)., by just using the new account.

Any help would be appreciated!


Again make a throw away email address, then change the "incorrect" account to that, then that should release the email address you want to use with your main account. Then update your main account to the correct /email that has all your stuff.

Except for the fact that a notice is sent to the "throw-away "address, and requires an reply in order to complete the change.

UPDATE: After months of back and forth, the community managers were able to change my email address(yea), only to have it revert back after the new forum software went live(Boo). I was not able to update the email even after the new software, so, back to the Community managers and they got it fixed!(permanently, this time, (I hope!)).
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