Question How Can I Control FAN Speed?

Feb 27, 2020
I just got a Thermaltake Commander C31 case and it has 2x200mm fans on the front. These are connected to a weird addressable RGB controller on the back of the case. And fans on the front are connected to this controller with weird 6-pin connectors. The problem is, I can control the RGB function, sync it with AURA and everything (btw my mobo is ASUS MAXIMUS XI HERO) I can't control the speed of the fans and it's very, very noisy.

What can I do?

Should I buy 2 new 200mm fans with both RGB and PWM controls?
Should I DIY the connectors with some soldering work?

What would you suggest?
Have you tried to use the BIOS and set a fan curve? The weird 6pin connector may just be in order to control the fans RGB via the cases button by the IO but the fans themselves may still be 4 PWM. They also very well may be 3 pin fans, if thats the case go into your BIOS and change teh control mode to DC or Voltage regulated.