How can I convince my parents that i'm capable of building my own pc?


Sep 12, 2016
Hi guys!

I'm a casual 16yo and i'm going to build (or try to) my serious gaming rig. Right now i'm on a laptop from 2010 and I want to step up my game.
My parent have agreeg on my getting a new gaming rig but they don't want me to build the pc myself because of fear that I might do something wrong a mess up. I tried to explain them that it's not that difficult and it's actually quite simple.

They would rather i buy the parts and have someone else buld the computer. I told them that i want to build it myself so i can know that it is my own rig that i built myself and i should feel proud over.
Thet don't seem to want me to either way.
Is there anyway i can try to convince them?, either my videos, forum posts, etc.
Thank you for your time!
BTW Here's the build:

P.S.: Do you have any tips about the parts and what I should upgrade/downgrade? Thanks!


Find a couple of zero cost junk PC's
Make a working one out of it. Actual booting and working. (Linux for a zero cost OS).

All the videos/blogs/posts in the world pale in comparison to actual working hardware.

Bonus...once you get one or more PC's actually working, sell for $100 each.
Or donate to charity.


Aug 28, 2016
I learned how to put one together by taking apart a bunch of them at a refurb place to try to salvage parts. I then finally used some stuff they didn't need and bought a few of my own parts to put together what I have now. I've also learned a lot from watching video on YouTube and reading posts on here. Doing whatever you can to learn and following guides will help you get the knowledge you need, but actually working with computers and pulling them apart will help you learn how to piece one together.

I'll give a bit of feedback on the build. Don't get a GTX 970. If you want an Nvidia card, go for the GTX 1060 6GB. It's cheaper and more powerful, with performance close to that of a GTX 980.
At that price difference the strix 970 ia a good choice.

On another note you can drop to the cxm550 if its any cheaper ??

I wouldn't buy that particular board (not an MSI fan)
There are better boards for less or the same budget but I suppose that depends on your market prices.
My advice is try to buy all the parts from one place if possible, and somewhere with good customer support too, as warranty issues are easier. Last thing you want is to feel out of your depth and prove your parents right! Things can get complicated so maybe a barebones or tested bundle might be a good starting point too, but you should be encouraged to build your own because its so much more satisfying than just buying a pre-built system. Am not sure its any cheaper in my experience though!

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