Question How can I download a live stream that has not ended?

Mar 5, 2023
Which software (free or paid) or which website can be used to download a live stream from YouTube or Rumble (or other sites) that has not yet ended? When there is an important political event that has been broadcast live for a few hours and there are still a lot of hours before the end of broadcasting, I would like to quickly download such programs in the form of an mp3 podcast, even half of it and download it to my phone when I leave the house, then I would like to have it listen instead of sitting in front of the computer and waiting for the auction to end and then download it? My phone is over 10 years old, so it is not possible to watch YouTube or Rumble live (even if it had, the battery would discharge in a moment when the phone has the internet turned on and various goodies). Popular software like 4K video downloader doesn't want to download a live stream that hasn't finished yet, but ByClick downloads a live stream that is still running to the present moment but without sound.