How can I find the optimum temp for my CPU


Nov 29, 2008

I have an i7 920 and I want to find out whats the best temp for it to be running at.


I am running HW Monitor to view my CPU core temps.

The spec of the CPU is

What I would like to know is?

How much heat does it put out? Is that the TDP?

I would like to know the cut off temp for the CPU? i.e how hot it can get before it turns off.

The max case temp it can handle?

The max inlet temp to the case?

Are there ways I can get this data?

Yeah, it is called going to Intel's website and looking up the processor. The max temp you should have it at for 24/7 operation is 75C. It will start thermal limiting at about 100C. The max case temp is irrelevant as is the inlet case temp.