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Question How can I fix low CPU and GPU usage in games on my laptop ?

May 14, 2021
Recently i bought a new laptop, hoping to get 144 stable fps in fortnite on low fps. I knew I needed a strong laptop to pull this off., maybe not too strong but u get the gist, I decided on a laptop with the following specs:

i5 10300H
RTX 3060 (85W)
8GB RAM: 3200Mhz(single channel)

All the drivers are up to date.

I setup this laptop and downloaded fortnite on its ssd.
Now the problem begins.
While using DX 12, lowest setting and textures medium and view distance epic i get max fps around 100 and extreme drops, the game looks nothing like 100fps, same on all low too, it looks more like 20, situation is not too different on DX 11.
While using performance mode i get around 160-170fps, textures medium view distance epic, same if they are low. The fps drop to the 40's nd 50s a lot too.

The CPU and GPU usage in game are both around 50% and 30% respectively.

i spent a lot of my savings for this laptop, its performing worse than my friend's laptop which has a 1650 TI.

I need a fix to this problem.

Im getting Bad fps in Destiny 2 too, 50% cpu usage and 40-50% gpu usage for 70-80fps with a lot of frame drops.

I would love to have a solid solution for this problem.
Also my CPU temps in game range btw 80-95 degree, rarely crossing the 90's just for a few seconds and gpu is always below 80. I'm talking in Celsius scale.

I hope to find a solid solution, i did not save up my money for such crap performance.