Question How can I fix my PC? Any help is appreciated


Jan 3, 2020
I have been having some problems with my custom build pc latly. I want to fix it, because its killing my gaming expirience and I can't enjoy the games I want to play.

My Problems with the PC:
  1. When new objects are loading they load in a rectengular shape, and the textures are only ampied later. It looks very weird and I don't think they should loud this way
  2. I have problems with the lighting and shadows. Somtimes the light is flickering on and of very fast. Shadows are loaded in rectengular shapes.
  3. Micros Stutters. They accur mostly if I go in a new area, or if I am just in a area with a lot of objects around me (trees, etc) Have to note that I get no FPS drops, I have only micro stutters
Here is a video with all the issues recorded.

And its not the game, bc I have these Issues in almost every game, exept for FPS Shooter games like Overwatch or CSGO.

Here are My specs:
MSI B450 motherboard,
AMD Ryzen 5 2600,
RTX 2070,
PSU Corsair vengeance 650M (80 plus bronze 650 watt),
2* 8GB G.Skill Trident Z

Ram is installed correctly, I have latest GPU driver, the lags accur more frequently when the RAM usage hit around 50%

Any help you guys can give me would help me a lot.