Question How can I fix slow texture loading?

Aug 6, 2019
Hey there. So basically, I reseted my windows to the default settings, had to clean the junk and stuff, but now when I play a game the textures loading is slow which is causing the game to lag, and the textures never fully load. Not wall textures and stuff, but stuff like grass etc. When I go forward the grass just renders in front of me causing the game to lag. Shouldnt it be already rendered or something? I have a gaming PC, NVIDIA 1080 TI, I7, 16GB Ram, SSD, HDD, I had this PC for one year.. Where is the problem? I tried to update the graphics card drivers but that didnt fix the issue.
Do you tinker with graphics options much? My first thought is you might want to look at what settings you have in the game and adjust them to suit your system; and perhaps the behaviour is because the settings are on default from what they were before you performed the reset.