Question How can I get more internal usbs?


Apr 30, 2020
I have a Z590 AORUS ELITE with two internal USB 2.0 connectors. Both are being used. One by my NZXT AIO watercooler and one by the front panel usb hub.

I just installed corsair fans and need one more internal USB 2.0 connector for the RGB hub. How can I get more connectors? I'm not sure if my MB will support an interal usb hub?


MB Manual:
Corsair Fans:
What is the model of the RGB hub? Are you sure it needs to be USB 2.0 internal, and not 3.0? USB 2.0 is a legacy technology and a lot of boards don't even come with ANY USB 2.0 capability anymore. Which makes it unusual if it's a relatively newer hub that it would require a 2.0 internal header instead of 3.0, 3.1 Gen 1 or another newer specification.

However, there are add in expansion cards, x1 PCIe, that you can add to an empty PCIe slot for a variety of things including USB 2.0 or 3.0 internal headers.

You can also do something like this that turns one header into multiple headers, but you can run into problems if devices need simultaneous access to that throughput.

Better to stick to a PCIe expansion card if you can still find one. They are out there but you might have to do a little searching because they are not common anymore. If it's actually 3.0, then it's easily found.
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