Question How can i get my speakers and microphone to work?

Aug 20, 2019
My audio setup consists of 1 set of speakers, a pair of bluetooth headphones and a microphone. Both my speakers and my mic connect via audio and mic jacks, not usb. I recently reinstalled windows on a new ssd and formatted my old hard drive. It was all running ok until i thought to plug in my headphones to the computer through the front panel audio, at which point my microphone started sounding a lot quieter for some reason and my headphones weren't picking up any sound.

A couple of days later i am getting really fed up with this microphone issue so i try to plug it into both the audio and mic jacks in the front of the case (don't ask me why, i was too paranoid). Now neither of them are being recognized bt my machine. I can see them in device manager, but they seem to be disabled or hidden. I also tried checking in with my realtek driver (which i had 2 days ago) and poof, it just wasn't there. I tried reinstalling it but it doesn't work. It doesn't let me install a driver from device manager because it's apparently already up to date. I am officially out of ideas. Can someone please tell me what i have to do to get my microphone and speakers back? My bluetooth headphones still work btw.

Thanks in advance.