[SOLVED] How can I improve the sound of my PC

Nov 26, 2019
Hello everyone,

Now that Black Friday is coming I am looking forward to improve the quality of the sound coming out of my PC.

So far I was just using the integrated sound card as I was focusing on acquiring better studio recording stuff. Now I can invest a little into improving this.

My current set up is the following:

2x Adam AX7 Near Field Monitors on stands. (Auto-Amplified)
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6
Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro

All this gear is connected to an Apple computer and to my Windows PC. The apple computer is the one I use for recording and only recording.

My question to you all is what can I do to improve the sound quality from my PC (Windows) when using it for listening to music or watchinjg films or even playing a bit.

Ive been reading some posts about DAC's and stuff and its not pretty clear to me what shouild i buy and do. I guess i have to buy a DAC or something that has Headphones Output and also line out for the monitors.

Perhaps is enough with what I have but maybe you can help me.

Thanks you all for your help :)


Honestly your setup is good enough for getting what you need from the speakers and headset you have. Most recent computers have good enough audio built in, while not high end stuff, it's way better than it was 10 years ago. A lot of it is due to better shielding to reduce noise from it.

You already have a DAC with your Focusrite, but assuming you want a separate one for the PC in about the same cost range, Drop has a MASSDROP O2 + for $150 that would be a good upgrade to the onboard sound https://drop.com/buy/massdrop-o2-sdac-dac-amp#overview A bit higher end with more connection options and more options in general is SMSL M500, Aune X1S is another. Really like 10 good things you can get or more if you go with separate components, and all of the recommended stuff online is more or less equal. If I was getting something, I may end up with the SMSL M500 as much for the looks as anything else. For just simple design and quality for price, the Massdrop O2+


The DT1990 Pro deserves a real amp. Great headphone with the best imaging I've heard below $1000. The Massdrop O2/SDAC is pretty good but I'd take it up a step to the above mentioned Aune X1S or even better get the X7S ( class A ) and pair it with a DAC like the Topping D10 or D30. It wouldn't at all be crazy to get one of the THX amps for the 1990 Pro either. The new SMSL SP200 is the best value in headphone amps right now with a THX 889 module for $280. Pair it with a Topping D50S or SMSL SU 8 and you've got a $500 stack that would have cost more like $5000 even 6 or 7 years ago.