Question How can I install multiple textures for a ped

Aug 23, 2020
I Downloaded a custom ped from my GTA V,
"Sims4 Custom ped addon"

This pack has two character

  1. Lana
  2. Sam
I saw a lot of new cloths for these peds,
I downloaded all because all were amazing. Now, I don't know how to install these cloth pack? I downloaded 6 files 3 for lana and 3 for sam. now on each file there is 2-3 files with extension .ytd, .ydd etc. Also in each file has some jpg too.

I completely jumbled because I don't how to install them. There is no proper instruction by the author aslo no video on youtube for this.

If anyone know then please reply ASAP.
One thing I really didn't like about GTA V was most of the clothing options kinda sucked. So it wouldn't be hard to find better options, but I would have never guessed it would come from a SIMS game. Can you post a link of what they look like?

As far as installation goes, if the author made them usable in GTA V, they would have to be the same file type GTA V uses for clothes. So my advice is to peruse through the GTA V files and look for those file extensions. You may as well need to look for GTA V modding forums and ask there how to do it.
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