How can I install Windows 10 if I have the product key but no installation disk?


Mar 26, 2014
I'm upgrading my laptop to a SSD but realized that my laptop did not come with an installation disk but rather was pre installed. I got in touch with ASUS to provide me the product key for my windows 10 but I don't have a disk.

Is there anyway to get the files for windows installation if I have the product key?

If not, is there anyway around this other than buying a whole new windows 10?

Thanks :)
You can simply go to and download the correct Win10 version (pro or home) for free accordingly to your license number.
Intsalling Win10 does not need the license number, you need the number only to activate Win10.

Most laptops have a backup of the factory Windows installtion somewhere in the HDD/SSD. You might just have to activate the factory reset to have a full fresh installation.
If you go buy an SSD, do you know that you can simply clone your old HDD to the SSD? Full clone with all the partitions.

Not the Windows key.
Most laptops has really a factory standard image of the OS on a hidden partition.
You can activate the factory rest function.
Keep in mind that you will loose everything (data) on your current Windows by doing this.

I cloned already several Win10 laptops, I know about this.




What is the model number of your laptop?

-Wolf sends

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