How can I know if raid rebuild process finish


Dec 11, 2011
I set up RAID1 on a quite old motherboard, Biostar mcp6p m2+, using Nvidia MediaShield utility. Then I install WHS2011. Recently after power outage, when I restart the machine, I found one RAID1 array become 2! Both are degraded, only has 1 disk each. Anyway the system can still start up. Then I enter BIOS RAID screen to delete the second array, add the disk back to the first array and rebuild. The system still working fine.
Now my question is, how can I know when the rebuild process is over? Whole 3 days have passed, when I check it still shows rebuild status. When I renter the array it shows "Mirroring" raid mode. Should it turn back to "Healthy" status some times? And due to the mother board is too old, none of the Nvidia MediaShield utility program can be installed successfully on WHS2011. So the only place I can access RAID status is when I restart, click F10 to enter RAID bios screen. Anyone know some way to check it under windows?
I don't know how you could check it under Windows if you can't install the required utilities, but if the hard disks are not busy, then the rebuild probably is complete.