How can i know if what's failing is the HDD, the RAM memory or the Video Card?

Sep 25, 2018
My Lenovo Ideapad that I bought a year ago started having problems about a week ago. While I was watching Netflix it froze all of the sudden (Couldn't open the task manager, nothing), it stayed like that for about 10 minutes and when I noticed it was going to stay like that I shut it down. When it restarted it didn't boot Windows 10, it instead sent me to an automatic disk C repair that never finished, it always sent me the message that windows could't finish the repair, I tried to access the BIOS but it said "No HDD detected", I first tought it was a software problem (had several problems with automatic updates before), tried to restore and couldn't, ran chkdsk and sfc, tried to repair with an ISO, tried to go back to previous versions and nothing, aparrently nothing was working with the OS but it randomly would let me access just to freeze and show the blue screen after 3 minutes (Memory Management or Critical process failed codes), after several reboots it wouldn't even let me access my account so i decided to reinstall Windows 10 again after a long journey of trying because that wasn't working either.

After it finally installed the OS, I updated and then ran bot adwcleaner and malwarebytes, I removed and deleted 17 threats (Adware.pokki in SQL files?), ran Memtest, Memory Diagnosis, Chkdsk all with great results, I installed my programs (all for developers from Microsoft's website) and when I installed a game it got supper laggy and it showed the blue screen again, I also noticed that it freezes everytime I debug my web app on Visual Studio

1 computer tech said that its the HDD thats damaged and another one said that it is the RAM memory that's damaged but another guy said that it might be the Video Card.

At this point I'm confused, the computer works wonders (super smooth and fast), right now that I'm only running a remote session and firefox but it doesn't let me debug code or play games., I disabled a few services that made the HDD usage go to 100%, it also randomly shows a message saying that the pc needs to be restarted and repaired but after I do it it concludes succesfully even though the problem continues.

I really want to know who should I believe because I really need to debug code as it is my job.

you can download Memtest86 and make a bootable usb (any cheap 8gb) and do a memory test for a long time to rule the RAM out. and we can keep finding tests to rule things out after that.

you can also stress and test the HDD with that manufacturers testing tool to see if it's the disk.