Question How can I make wifi work on my dual-boot laptop with android x-86 installed ?

Apr 15, 2022
I have successfully installed android x-86, I think the latest version (9.0-r2). Everything seems to work fine except for the things I need the most- wifi and Bluetooth.
I've read some forums where people were talking about going through grub or debug to change some codes and get wifi working.
However, I know nothing about codes so I couldn't make use of any of that information. Also, there is nothing to help some of us who aren't coders.
So if there is anyone who can help to simplify the process or just explain where to go, what to delete/add, without all the jargon. It would be appreciated.


You may want to list the exact laptop model you have, but if you already searched for it on how to get it working with Android and could not find anything useful, it may not work with that model. Some things just don't have a simple way of getting them to work, especially if you are trying to install an un-supported operating system.
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