how can i over clock my amd x2 4000?


Nov 28, 2008
hello i am new new to overclocking, and i have a amd x2 4000+ it is at 2100mhz but i need to get to 2500 mhz can this be done? and how? or a little more, i have a msi MB k9vgm-v,

thanks for any help


Mar 30, 2008
enter bios either by hitting DEL or F2, there should be an option in one of the menus for FSB (front side bus) raise that to 230MHz, that should get u 2.5Ghz clock
I take it you have a Brisbane model since your core speed is at 2.1 GHz. Go into your BIOS and lower your ram speed a step, so if it's at DDR2 800 set it at DDR2 667. Also lower your Hyper Transport speed one step, so if it's at 1GHz lower it to 800, which would lower the multiplier for the HT link to 4 instead of 5 and you would get a 1GHz speed when you got the FSB up to 250. Raise your core voltage by 0.1v and you shouldn't raise it more than that if you're using the stock cooler. Now Raise your FSB 10MHz at a time and run Prime 95 when you boot to make sure it's stable at those settings. You may also want to run Everest to make sure that your temps don't go to high. If you have the G2 stepping, then you shouldn't have a problem getting it past 2.6GHz. If you have a G1 stepping, which is more likely, then you'll probably be able to get around 2.6GHz but perhaps not too much further.
Did you lower your RAM speed AND your Hyper Transport speed? Make sure to manually set your RAM timings as well since your BIOS may try to lower them, since you will be setting a lower memory speed, and that will cause instability when you raise your FSB since that will also raise the clock of your RAM. Also make sure you increase your CPU voltage to 1.4v since I think the default voltage on that chip is only like 1.25v. If you're already at 1.4v then try 1.45v, but don't go higher than that without a good cooler since the heat the CPU generates will greatly increase. Try setting your FSB to 225 and see if you can get it stable there. If you can, the lower the RAM timings and adjust other settings to try and creep your way up to 230. If you need to increase your voltage more With the G1 stepping though you may not go to far.
What type of RAM do you have? Use CPU Z to check it's current speed. It could be that your pushing your RAM and that would cause the system to lock up. In that case increase your Ram voltage, just don't go past 2.1v