Question How can I overclock my monitor to its capable HZ?


Nov 13, 2015
I own a BenQ RL2455 and the highest refresh rate it's reached was 71hz through the nvidia control panel + DVI-D.

I did a clean install of windows which wiped most programs and drivers. I reinstalled NVIDIA drivers and I can only overclock my monitor to 66hz. It just says "out of range" for 71hz.

Please help thanks!
Well, it's capable hz is 60! Overclocking, means pushing it beyond spec. Which can give good results, but not all monitors are made equal, some OC and others don't. Either way you have to remember your warranty is void if you do try it.

With that said, I do with my monitors, and most 60hz panels will OC to 75hz at least. Of course you do reduce the lifespan of the monitor. So keep that in mind.

Are you using the Nvidia control panel to do it? If so, that's the easiest way. Just create a custom resolution, set the hz, click the test button, then set and apply if there are no obvious issues.

Then test with this:

Take a picture of your monitor with a decent camera, when running the ufo test to see if there are any dropped frames or it's smooth as the guide tells you. Then try play some games. If you notice any funny colours or lines on screen or pixels looking odd, then you should reduce the OC to whatever gives a clean faultless picture.