How can I overide XP's monitor settings?


Jul 7, 2001
Does anyone know how I can overide XP's automatic "Plug n' Play" monitor settings?
In Win98 my monitor is detected just fine, but in XP it wont let me go over 800x600 resolution.

I'm using a 50" Samsung DLP screen as my monitor connected through a standard VGA port. I'm using a GeForce4 MX video card.

Thank for your help.

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Through either control panel or by right clicking on your desktop, get to display properties. Go to settings , then click advanced, then click on the monitor tab, and then uncheck the [] 'Hide modes that this moitor cannot display' tab.

That should give you other display options.

Just be sure you monitor/projector actually does support the resolution/refresh you set it at.

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