How can I permanently disable Idle Stop on recent Subaru and Toyota models?

Feb 25, 2021
I hate it!

I'm looking for a new car and I have been constantly exposed to Idle Stop where the engine cuts out when you are stopped for more than a second.
IMO, it puts much more wear and tear on a gasoline powered engine and I don't wish to press the bypass button each time I start a vehicle.

The idea is to prevent gas from being used which inflates the MPG figure but it is a bad idea, as your AC and Heat is off among other things.

A friend told me that there are user installable aftermarket modifications to stop this.
Has anyone tried them yet?

Please let me know your results and resources.

Thanks! 🆒


That is a discussion best had with your/the dealer.

There may be other issues involved.

And installing an aftermarket modification may at best void any warranty. At worst result in some damage or serious malfunction(s).
Mine only does it when it’s fully warmed up and it’s never been a problem and no it doesn’t put more wear and tear on the starting system they’re designed to do this when we left enabled you get your maximum mileage

Anyway you should be able to disable it from your driver assists section in the dashboard at least that’s how mine works