Question How can I Recover Data from a 3TB Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive without Original USB Bridge?

Feb 27, 2019
The removable Sata-USB bridge base failed on my seagate backup plus desktop drive (srd0sd1). I cannot source a used part for this or a replacement to swap out the dead base.

The bridge on this unit performs 4k-512e-4k translations, I believe, so that if I plug in the (functional) drive internally it would appear raw and with recovery software the data will be not have a file structure and appear corrupted, since it is off by a factor of 8 without the bridge chip.

I tried a sata-usb dock I had lying around and it looked the same.

I may be able to find an old Seagate go flex, or perhaps a desktop plus drive under 2TB, but I am concerned the bridge chip will not be the same.

Any idea on a particular cable or method I could use to recover the data?

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Feb 27, 2019
Yes, they are in separate enclosures that can be pulled apart. Trouble is they've been discontinued for a while and I can't even find a used one so far (maybe for $200+ on ebay).

Do you (or anyone) know if the other Seagate bridges that can physically connect will work? I might have found a 500gb unit ...but if it is under 2tb it could be different, maybe? Also, there is the Seagate go flex adaptor that looks similar and will connect ...
I believe that DMDE will see your data, but it's not free (US$20). There is a free version, but it will only allow you to recover a limited number of files.

If you double-click your data volume in DMDE's Partitions window and then expand the Root, do you see your file/folder structure?

Otherwise, there may be a simple, zero cost, DIY fix for your bridge board, if the USB componentry is still functional. Can you upload a detailed photo of the bridge PCB?
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I have a working one. I just packed up my office and am in the middle of re-decorating and re-arranging it. Actually stuck on how I want it setup for the next bunch of years. LoL

I will see if I can find it somewhere in all my totes. I have off work Tuesday again and should be able to get to it then.