Question How can I repurpose my 2 GB RAM sticks?

Nov 11, 2020
I have about 1,000 to 1,200 2GB RAM sticks, which have gone unused for about 2 years -- to those wondering why I have so many, they are from systems from my business I used to have.

I am thinking of selling them, but as far as I know, there is no way I can test each and every one; therefore, I would be possibly selling broken goods, as its very likely a few hundred are broken.

Is there a particular place where I can donate them to that can put them to good use? Maybe for enthusiasts? Does anyone know of a particular electronic place where I can sell them in bulk without worrying about the broken units?
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Kudos to you for trying to find a responsible option.

Unfortunately 2 GB RAM sticks (specs aside) are obsolete. Even for schools, hobbyists, etc..

I doubt that there is little that can be done. I have attempted comparatively very, very small donations to no avail.

Re-cycling is, unfortunately, no longer cost efficient.

Try to at least to ensure that the RAM sticks are at least environmentally and properly disposed of. - even if the recipients claim to do so.

There may not be much more than that available.
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Ignore the statements that these are not viable anymore. If they are ddr2, you're sitting on some serious money, and even if they are ddr3, they are still worth something since later model lga775 boards also used ddr3 and could not use 4gb+ modules.

What I would do is find out how much you want to sell a particular module for, assuming that it is working. Then, bundle 4x of them in a set and charge for only 1-2 working modules for the set. So you'll be giving a serious deal to someone that buys a set of 4, with a cost of essentially 2x for 4x modules if all 4 modules work. If you think only 1x module will work, charge for only 1x and have 4x in the set. People that can use these will gladly buy them from you and be happy with almost anything they get unless all are doa, which you can then just refund and let them keep the goods. This will move the modules quickly and will also give you a pretty healthy amount of income even if you are charging just $5 for each set of 4x modules. With 1200 modules that would generate $1500 for your efforts. Plus, this would give the working parts a chance to keep working and give system restorers badly needed parts at bargain prices. Win-win-win all around.

(And if you're not interested in all this effort, PM me as I have other ideas as well.)
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