How can I run a 9800 GTX and a Quadro FX3700 on one system?


Feb 18, 2009
Hi everybody.
I just build a new comp for professional reasons.
Asus P6T
6Gigs DDR3
XP x64
I'm mainly going to use this for work but obviously it's hard to resist the temptation of gaming with such a nice setup.
I'm going to get a Quadro FX3700 (no overclocked Geforce) to run Maya, after effects etc.
I know Quadros don't run games very well so I'm considering a 9800 GTX as well.

From what I've read so far, using SLI with two completely different cards is probably not a good idea...

So here's my question : Is there a way I could set the BIOS to boot using the Quadro by default and whenever I feel like playing, just set it to boot using the GTX?
I would use a manual DVI switch to avoid having to rewire the displays every time.

Anyone have a better idea? (As long as it doesn't involve overclocking. I am positive about the Quadro.)

Thanks for your time!!!
Buy an 8800GT (brand isn't important) for about $110-120, download the latest rivatuner and Quadro drivers. Install rivatuner and the geforce drivers that came with the card, then reboot and follow these steps:

1.) Open rivatuner
2.) On the upper selection area look for "Low-Level system settings" and open it
3.) Go to the NVStrap Driver tab.
4.) On the PCI DeviceID settings look for a dropdown box that says "Graphics adapter identification". Select "Custom" there.
5.) Cycle through the new options that you'll see now, until you find one that says (NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700). Press apply and Ok.
6.) Reboot your system.
7.) Uninstall the Geforce drivers and use Driver Cleaner Pro to make sure you got them all.
8.) Install the latest Quadro drivers.
9.) Be the happy owner of an FX 3700 for $120.


Feb 18, 2009
Thx a lot!

I think I'll get the 8800GT and mod it.
Looks like I need one with the G80 gpu. Are there different 8800GTs? If so, which one should I go for?
I've read that moding it to a quadro might badly affect the gaming perfs. Is that true?
Is it safe to overclock a soft modified GC?
I already have a 9800GTX (Looks like the g92 of the 9800 has no exact equivalent in quardros and I haven't found anybody who tryed moding it to an FX3700.)
What if I had both the soft moded 8800 (for Maya) and an overclocked 9800 (for gaming)?
How can I run both?
Is there is a way for both to be active and just use a manual DVI switch to reroot the signal?
Would I have to go through the NVIDIA control panel to change somthing?

BTW I have an ASUS P6T Deluxe and two screens.

Thanks again.