Question How can I set a program to automatically open AND close when I open/close another program ?


Feb 23, 2018
Hokay, so, got a weird thing I need to figure out(FormulaFox has a weird issue to be solved? Ya don't say!).

I have a custom arcade cabinet running a Windows 10 PC because I wanted to run certain Steam games on it. The setup runs extremely well save for one thing: XBox360 Controller Emulator.

Now, to be clear, X360CE works fine insofar as what I need it for: To emulate the arcade controls as a gamepad that games will actually recognize. Most games see the arcade controls just fine, but a couple simply don't acknowledge them, thus X360CE.

The problem is that if I have X360CE active when I use any other program, such as BigBox or Retroarch, it messes with the input mapping. I've tried to just use it for everything, always emulating the arcade controls as a 360 controller, but BigBox in particular doesn't like that.

So I'm trying to find a way to set it up so the X360CE will automatically launch when I open a game I need it for, and close when I exit the game. I tried ti figure it out in Task Scheduler, but that either isn't up to the task or is too complicated for my brain to work out. My Google-Fu just turns up questions about programs randomly crashing or opening for no reason, nothing that helps my specific goal.

Any and all help and information possible would be much appreciated - even an alternative to x360ce that doesn't confuse Retroarch and BigBox would be appreciated.