how can i share internet connection of my 3g dongle over an my office network (1 router with 5 pcs)

Ravi Agrawal

Jan 4, 2015
My wireless modem's dsl connection is not working. therefore my entire office's is without an internet connection. i have a 3g dongle and its attached to my pc and now its the only pc in the office with an internet connection.
now is it possible that i share my pc's internet connection with my wireless router (my pc also has an ethernet cable connection with the router) so that other pc's connected to the wireless router can get internet connectivity. if yes then how ?
all my pc's have either windows 8 or 7


Aug 25, 2014
If you did want to try and get it going, I think the easiest way would be to plug the ethernet cable from your computer into the "internet" nic on your wireless router. Then go to your network adapter property settings for the 3G dongle and select the "sharing" tab, from there you can enable sharing and pick the ethernet connection to use for distribution.

I haven't done internet sharing through a router before though so I can't say if it would be that straight forward or not, still holding on to the getting dsl back up concept.

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