How can i share my printer over internet


Jul 1, 2012
You can access your home web cam via a secure routers web address.

How can you do the same with your home wireless printer???
Well, just like any other IP device, you could always port forward through your router (I assume you know how to do that, and are using it now w/ your webcam).

Or you could establish a VPN client back to your own VPN server either running on your router or some desktop/laptop behind it. The advantage here is that you’re using an IP address on your local LAN, and so ALL your local IP devices are accessible, and in a secure fashion. You can even use it as a proxy for open wifi situations. It’s just a LOT easier to manage one VPN port on the router, rather than managing individual ports for each and every device you need access to. You also avoid complexities w/ some protocols that don't handle firewalls very well (e.g., FTP).