Question How can I start up a document / excel file faster??


Apr 20, 2013
Now, I am using openoffice, and my computer config is intel i5, 2400, 8GB RAM windows 10 running on SSD drive.
However, I find that every time I start up a document or excel file with openoffice, it at least takes 3 seconds,
but they are certainly NOT lengthy document, probably only a page or two...

Is there any way to speed it up? Do I need to upgrade my hardware or clean re-install the Windows 10?? I am not patient enough for that 3 seconds when I have to open a lot of documents every day....


Secconding @NightHawkRMX .

Three seconds is not bad at all.

As far as doing anything about it take a look at where the spreadsheet is stored . Is it on the boot drive (SSD or HDD) or on a second drive (likewise is that drive an SSD or HDD.)?

Drives: make, model, capacity, how full?

Maybe some Disk Cleanup or defragmenting the drives (HDD drives only) could help.

Adding RAM may help; consider upgrading to a 2 X 16GB matched RAM kit for dual channel.

Boot the computer but do not immediately open the spreadsheet. Open Resource Monitor and observe what resources are being used.

Move the Resource Monitor Window to one side and then click to open the spreadsheet. What what changes or happens during the 3 second time frame.

Look in Task Manager > Startup. Remove any unnecessary apps that may be being launched at setup. Freeing up the resources that they may be using may help with getting the spreadsheet open.

Key is to determine if there is indeed something configurable or changeable that will help.
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I am not experienced with open office.
But, I have some thoughts.

The performance of any app is determined by the cpu or the data it accesses.
Most any ssd, even poor ones, will perform about as well as can be done.
If both windows and the files reside on the ssd, that is good.
Otherwise, make it so.

Is your ssd near full, say 90%?
If so, the device will not perform as well as a ssd with available space.

You have 8gb of ram.
That could be limiting you.
Windows will keep data in ram in anticipation of fast reuse.

Do you shut down the pc each day?
If you do, the reuseable contents of ram will need to be repopulated.
If you use sleep instead of power off, a subsequent wake will revive the pc with the ram contents intact. Faster too.

On the cpu side, your second gen I5-2400 is decent, but modern processors are much faster.
Your single thread passmark performance rating is 1574.
To the extent that your cpu is limiting you, consider upgrading your pc.
Life is too short to work with a slow pc.
For example a 10th gen I3-10100 processor will have twice as many threads and close to double the performance.
You can buy one along with a lga1200 motherboard and 16gb of ddr4 ram for <$250.
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