How can I 'stretch' a display to 100% of the pixel-width of the display beneath it (for mouse movement between the two?)


Apr 12, 2013
Image below should make clear what I'm trying to do. I want to be able to move my mouse from ANYWHERE on Monitors 2 and 4 up onto Monitor 3...but because the resolutions are different, there's essentially only a narrow 1920-pixel pathway (of the total 7680-pixel width of the bottom row of monitors) that I have to use...I feel like I've seen this sort of stretch/scaling functionality with 3rd-party apps like Synergy, but I'd think there'd be a way to do this natively within Windows 10...?

It is not sure way to do it since... It doesn't go quite as far for me without extra tinkering. Testing it wont take too much effort though.
Said thing uses Virtual Super Resolution (VSR for AMD) to run things on display at higher than it's resolution, in this case, you would want to run it at 7680x1080P or something to get the width to match.
since that IS too big for 1080P screen you also use GPU scaling and set it to "full panel" in which case GPU scales said 7680x1080 down to 1920x1080 and mouse edge stuff works.

For me on quick testing, that works up to 2560x1600 on my own screen without setting custom resolutions as option.

but as a way forward, it might work?

Nvidia has similar features that work similarly.

Edit: Supposedly on googling more, some claim this might also do it:
said example is 3 sideways but should probably also work vertically too.