Question How can I tell if my graphics card is faulty ?


Aug 25, 2018
Card in question : 2080 Ti

Recently I've had a number of issues with my computer, which initially seemed to be a graphics card issue (although I'm open to other suggestions!).

The main problem is that, intermittently, both my screens (dual-monitor) will go black for a brief period of time, as if the cables had been removed, and I also get the sound effect to suggest a device has been plugged in.

However, I've had some really random things happen as well. For example, Microsoft Word repeatedly "flashes" to black as I'm using it, Chrome appears to crash and get stuck in some sort of loop (which takes up more CPU), TaskBarX randomly resets itself, MSI Afterburner overlay no longer works etc.

I've reinstalled drivers to no avail, the cables are plugged in properly etc.

Any suggestions? :)


If the GPU is populated on another donor system that has a PSU with more than 650W of power at it's disposal, and you see the same issues crop up on donor system then you can rule the GPU to be faulty/failing. What OS version are you currently on? Ideally you should be on version 21H1. As for GPU, did you use DDU to uninstall your GPU drivers and then reinstalled with the latest GPU drivers(sourced from Nvidia's support site) in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator?

Make and model of your PSU and it's age? Make and model of your motherboard? BIOS version for your motherboard?