How can I transfer my data to my new computer?


Mar 10, 2017
Hello! I've been trying to help my Mother with transferring her programs and photos etc from her old computer to the one she just got which has an SSD. She has a LOT of programs on there, and she doesn't want every single one, but there is still an overwhelming amount that she wants to be transferred over. I don't exactly want to go website to website to download 50 programs. Is there a way that I could select what I wanted to transfer? Also, she was wondering if she transferred some programs she paid for (e.g norton or ancestry) would she have to still put in a software key, because I don't think she has them anymore. Thanks!
if her new pc has a storage drive you can turn on file sharing and network sharing on both pc and move her photos and personal files over the network from one pc to another. with programs you cant move them as there files in old windows registry that will be missing. programs like nortons and others should have sent her a code by email when she bought them. if she missing them she can email there support for replacement codes. just make sure there windows 10 supported programs. dont try an install anti virus that 4 or 5 years old. the newer ones like bitdefender that are free are written for windows 10. if she has outlook as email you can use outlook to back up her email info and put it on a usb stick and then reinstall outlook and then reinstall her user info.