How can I 'unlock' nvidia's overclocking limit?


Jan 28, 2018
I have an HP Elitebook 8570w with a Quadro k1000m. And it's actually pretty damn good, much better than what I was expecting from this. I just got this laptop 'used' off of Amazon for $330, i7 3520m which is a lot better than I was expecting from a dual core with hyperthreading i7 it doesn't bottleneck the GPU, and it came with 8gbs of ram. Its practically brand new too. There is zero wear on it.

It runs games amazingly. Most games will run at high or medium settings at 30-50fps. I have overclocked the memory to 1175 (2350mhz) and it's stable there.
(i wonder if it's possible to increase the voltage through the bios, as this card uses ddr3vram but I haven't noticed it causing any issues when playing games speed wise.)

I also overclocked the core to its pathetic limit of (+135)... GPU temps barely hit the 60s, the cooler is surprisingly very good on this laptop. And I always, always, have MSI afterburner running monitoring in the background, kind of a habit I picked up when I started moving my GTX 970 for my PC so I know what I am doing.

Is there any way I can bios mod the GPU on this? Nvidia seems to have blocked it somehow, as whenever I flash it, the changes never apply which seriously frustrates me... I've read things about driver modding, but I can never seem to get it right. I know overclocking on laptops are frowned upon, but I also know I am risking bricking the GPU.

I have done my fair bit of bios modding on my old GTX 660, and I've spent hours and days getting my GTX 970 to run at 1580 to 1590mhz stable at 4K 40-60fps. So if anyone knows how to get around the limitations Nvidia put on the Quadro cards that would be greatly appreciated. I've read a thing or two of converting a Quadro to a GeForce but I have no clue how that's done. I only know its through driver modding, but I am not sure if that'll allow me to overclock further or not.

I don't care how many steps it would take, and I don't care if my temps jump up 15 or so degrees. My temps are always below 60 to 65c even during gaming for long durations while overclocked. This laptop was practically brand new when I got it, so I'm suspecting the thermal paste is new too.


(Heres a GPU-z screenshot, and MSI's current settings.)
ASIC quality is: 73.5

I found this. So bios modding is possible for my graphics card series. They're different models, but someone was able to get around the overclocking limit which is what I'd like to know how to accomplish.