how can it be 1-25 to 1.4v?


Sep 25, 2004
I have been looking for the proper voltage for my prescott chip for a while, i finally found the box with the serial number on it and then referenced it to intels sight and found that it should be running at between 1.25-1.4 volts. This is confusing to me, when i set the cpu in my bios(abit ic7 max3)to the default voltage it runs at 1.2875 but then my abit monitor beeps like crazy and freaks out like that isnt enough voltage for it, i have been wanting to overclock my system for a while now but it runs at like 50degrees idle and liek 65 under load. what should i set my vcore at?
The board should automatically detect the voltage. Leave it at that.

As for your heat problems, that's the Precotts for you. Your temps are average.

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