How can others play games on 60fps+ in amd 5800k


Jun 12, 2014
Depends on the game.
Also your monitor's resolution will affect performance.

If you wish to play a new, gpu intense, game like Battlefield 4 at max settings 1080P, you'll need to buy a highend discrete gpu like a r9 270x/80 or a gtx 760/770. Your CPU may bottleneck. To avoid this you will need to overclock your CPU, you'll need a after stock heatsink like a Raijintek Aidos or better. OVERCLOKCING VOIDS YOUR CPU's WARRANTY.

If you want to play older games like Civ V or Skyrim at 900P, you can crossfire your GPU with a HD 6670, YOU CAN NOT CROSSFIRE WITH ANY BETTER GPU SAFELY.

I am upgrading my A8-5600k by adding a R9 270 (Maybe better if the prices drop.) and overclocking my CPU to 4Ghz+ with the Raijintek Aidos.

^ This ^ pretty much sums it up.

APUs are good for midrange budget gaming machines. At lower resolutions, like 720p, they can handle BF4 at long as you have FAST RAM. But if you want higher performance, a discrete CPU + GPU combo will be faster, albeit more expensive as well.

Here's a good BF4 + APU reference video: