Question How Connect Kraken Z73 AIO to MSI X570 Unify

Mar 23, 2021
Hello everyone.

Please forgive my ignorance. It's my first build and I have a big doubt.

I need to connect my AIO Kraken Z73 into a MEG X570 Unify.

Now.. the kraken has only a 3Pin connector from Pump:

Based on Kraken Manual, I can connect that 3Pin either on CPU_FAN or PUMP_FAN. However, I've read that if no CPU_FAN is connected, mobo won't start.

So, do I need to connect 3Pin into CPU_FAN? Can the PUMP_FUN be kept empty?

Can you please advise on the best way to proceed? As I've read on internet there are lot of ways of thinking... PUMP_FAN (no CPU_FAN); CPU_FAN (no PUMP_FAN); CPU_FAN and one FAN connected to PUMP_FAN and so on...

It's really confusing.

Is anyone has a similar configuration?

Thank you so much for your help.


That's right. There are SOME AIO cooler systems that require that the rad fans be connected to the CPU_FAN header so the mobo can control those fans. Those systems are easier to use when your mobo also has that PUMP_FAN header for the pump.

Your Kraken system is NOT designed that way. It is intended that the cable from the Pump DOES go to the CPU_FAN header for exactly the reason you 've read - that cable sends the PUMP speed to the CPU_FAN header so it is happy that there IS a working cooling system running. Then the cables to the rads fans must plug into output sockets on that multi-headed cable system from the PUMP. Another cable goes from there to a USB2 mobo header. When you run the CAM software utility that comes with this system, it takes over all control of CPU cooling, monitoring the pump and fans for proper operation AND managing the rad fan speeds to control CPU cooling. This Kraken system does not use the CPU_FAN header for rad fan control. And the mobo does NOT get worried if there is nothing connected to the PUMP_FAN header.