[SOLVED] How could I combine PC and PS5 audio?


Aug 19, 2015
I would like to combine my PC and PS5 audio so I am able to use one set of headphones, but without having to manually unplug and replug when I am using the different machines. The setup I was thinking would be to have two different microphones, so I have a Blue Snowball for my PS5 and a HyperX Quadcaster S for my PC, and one pair of headphones, and using some sort of DAC/AMP or Mixer I could somehow have the audio output into the headphones from both systems. For example, I could be in a PlayStation Party and hear audio from that and synchronously hear audio from my computer. Is this possible to do seamlessly?
If you use analogue headphones (3.5mm plug), and connect to analogue audio ports, then simple "stereo mixer" is all you need. I have never dealt with "auto interfaces" which say "USB", though.