Question How could I recover data from or repair a broken external drive?

Nov 17, 2020
I have a 4 TB WD My Passport portable drive that I kept all my games for my computer on. There was a lot of games on it, but the other day I accidentally dropped it in the floor, and now the drive does not work. When I plug it in, it acts like it's plugged in, the computer recognizes something is plugged in, but the drive only makes a clicking sound and does not show up in the file explorer (it sounds like the drive spins for a few seconds and then stops completely, like it's giving up on reading). I could redownload all of the games and get a new drive, but that would take forever with my internet, so it'd be nice to be able to recover this drive somehow. Is there any way to recover what was on the drive? Or if anyone knows what the problem might be, any way to fix the drive?
You can dismantle it so you can connect it as a normal drive inside your case, in case that only the case was damaged your drive will work normally.
If the drive itself got damaged it's not worth trying to recover games since you would need another 4tb drive to recover the data from one drive to the other and it would take a very long time without being sure if you would be able to recover everything.