Question How could I resolve constant humming?


Dec 12, 2017
I have 2 JAMO Studio 180 speakers (100W RMS, 170W peak, 50-20k Hz, 4-8ohm) plugged into a pretty

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**** amplifier OR.M CS-PA1

(i couldnt find its specs only that its 2x50W) it is plugged in to my pc(has only the standard motherboard soundcard: Realtek® ALC1150 Codec) via an rca to 3.5mm jack cable. My problem is that it has a constant humming, althought when the pc is idle it isn't that bad barely noticeable at the sound level i'm using it (if im turning it up it's very noticeable though). As soon as i'm starting something more taxing on my pc e. g. start games, it gets very annoying i'm sometimes barely hearing the game itself because of it. On some occasions it changes pitch when i do type or us my mouse wheel or buttons. I'm clueless, first i thought it's my mobo soundcard or the jack connections aren't shielded, but other jack devices don't seem to humm. So please if u can help me with your advices.
Thank you very much in advance!
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