Question How did undervolting fix my pc issues?

Mar 15, 2023
For more than a year now, I've been having issues with my pc. Namely:
  • Random BSODs
  • Frequent google chrome crashing
  • Games randomly crashing(any type of game) - crash timings vary but am able to play for extended periods at times

Note: Issue started appearing after more than 1 year having the pc

I've tried majority of the usual troubleshooting/tests you would find online and also replaced a couple of parts on my PC(mobo,ram, and ssd) and the same issues still persisted even after all the troubleshooting and fresh windows installs.
Was already at my wits and was just waiting for the new gpus to arrive and build a new PC but decided to try lowering my cpu voltage a bit via ryzen master since have nothing to lose at this point and strangely enough my pc has been very stable. No crashes of any form for a couple of days already(still observing). The only thing I changed was to set Peak Core voltage to 1.20625 mark which I was seeing reach almost 1.5 prior to setting the limit, no other changes set and everything was running stock.
Was hoping to get some more insight on what the problem might have been since I was pretty much running everything stock and temps were very good even prior to undervolting and the significance of lowering the voltage limit in solving the issue. Is this psu the likely culprit in this scenario?

I'm running the following:
  • ryzen 5 3600
  • 2070s msi gaming x trio
  • seasonic s12ii bronze 620w
  • 16gb gskill neo
  • samsung 980 ssd
  • asus strix b550-A mobo

Any input is appreciated!