Question How do amd vs nvidia cards compare when it comes to recording?


Sep 9, 2018
I'm looking to upgrade my gpu with the purpose of recording gameplay footage, and theres a lot of noise being made about nvidia's turing nvenc encoder. First I have a stupid question which is, does that encoder work for recording as well as streaming, because all the information I've seen about it is from the perspective of streaming rather than recording.

Next, when the new AMD RX cards launched I heard about driver issues causing artifacting or other issues with recording, is that still the case?

Overall, I'm just wondering if AMD or Nvidia's drivers/encoders/proprietary recording softwares are better for the purposes of recording.

In case this matters, the most graphically demanding games I would be recording would be doom eternal or the resident evil 2 and 3 remakes, and the goal is to achieve as perfect as possible 1080p 60 fps in the recording. However, this probably isn't relevant as my main question is just how the two manufacturers compare in terms of drivers and encoders from the perspective of recording.
Yes recording is just the same thing it's even easier since it doesn't cause a bottleneck on your internet connection (for online games) I only do recording on disk since I don't have good enough internet for streaming.

Geforce now is better than others for the sole reason of using less resources,I tried OBS classic and it uses more CPU power.

I only have an nvidia card so I can't say anything on how they compare,my guess is that this will be the same for pretty much anybody,who is going to have one of each and current GPUs?