How do I actually put my computer together???


Jun 26, 2009
QUESTION: Can you direct me to a site or tell me some things that are important while physically putting my computer together.

ok so i planned out all of the parts i wanna get. But im not sure how to properly put my comp together. I know the basic stuff. But im sure there are special techniques or careful things that i have to pay attention to.

I have checked various sites for how to build...but it seems like they are too general and are overlooking some things. I just wanna know what experienced people think is the best way to put together a computer :)


Former Staff

1.) Look at the mounting holes in the motherboard, there are probably six or nine of them. Your case came with metal spacers that have a threaded end and a hole, called standoffs, which should be installed into corresponding holes in the case.
2.) Your motherboard came with an I/O plate, which is rectangular and has holes that correspond with the motherboard ports. Install it into the case. If your case already has one it's probably a snap-in, you can punch it out before snapping in the one that came with the motherboard.
3.) Follow the motherboard manual to install RAM, graphics, and cables
4.) Install the hard drive and optical drive, following the instructions in the case manual
5.) Install the power supply. If it has a fan on the bottom, make sure it faces down.
6.) Install power cables to the motherboard following the motherboard manual
7.) Install any graphics power cables following the graphics card manual
8.) Install drive power connectors using "whatever fits" from the power supply.
9.) Install drive data cables following the instructions in the motherboard manual
10.) Connect the power cable from your wall socket to the power supply
11.) If your power supply has an on/off switch, turn it on. This corresponds to a 1 on a 1/0 marked switch
12.) Press the power button on the front of the case