How do I change fan speeds?


Feb 23, 2012
My fans are recorded at 480ish RPM is chasis fan 1, 750ish for another fan, and lastly CPU fan is luckily @ 1200rpm. But this is still RIDICULOUSLY low. I would love and see no reason why not to bump this up to 200rpm each. My PSU is 800w. I'm plugging them all into the mobo, do i plug it into the PSU...? There is no WAY IN HELL this is correct and I believe this is why my comp keeps randomly restarting on it's own.... (Overheating?) This is my motherboard and I have this case.

I have the case open for convienience.

EDIT: I heard something about 'fan controllers'? I don't know if and how I could get one. P.S. In the EFI BIOS There is a + sign above the fans like in the picture, but I cant change anything. Who knows maybe I can and I'm just not pressing the right key. I'd cry if that's why...



Mar 3, 2011
That looks like my bios on Asus z68. Go to Advanced mode. There you can choose min and max fan settings for each fan. Mother board does not look cool to me, but I may be in colder area. My MB is at room temp 70 f here.
In upper right of EZ bios, exilt/advanced.
In Advanced mode choose "Monitor" , there you will see fans and voltages. I took a picture but I am new to this and do not know how to post it. :sarcastic:
Q fan control is Enabled, cpu and Chassis are set to 600 rpm min and each has a profile for speeding it up.