Question How do I check if my computer boots up without the monitor?

Oct 6, 2019
Hello! I have an old CPU that I wanted to use for just learning basic networking with my laptop. I want to use it headless. It wasn't turning on (Fans not spinning). I noticed a bulged capacitor of 6.3 V and 1800 uF. I couldn't find one with the same ratings, so I replaced it with a 2200 uF capacitor (Same voltage).
I turned the power ON and the fans started to spin. I hooked it up to a monitor, but nothing came up. Black screen, no BIOS. I also didn't hear a beep. I don't remember if it ever did beep. But I do see a speaker on the motherboard.
I know that the monitor is working. It is old but once hooked it up to a laptop and it worked (about a month ago. It wasn't my laptop). As I mentioned, I want to use it headless. So I don't really care about the display. But just in case, it is the display that is not working, how do I know if the CPU works? Also, what other things can cause this problem?

The specs :
Motherboard: RC410-M
No dedicated graphics card.
This is my first post and I am new to this. So let me know what else you need to know.


You need a display to set it up to run headless, so test it with a known working display. Verify that your processor has integrated graphics that you can use. If you cannot get it to boot, then the board is likely dead.

-Wolf sends