Question How do I choose a monitor as a gamer?

Jan 10, 2023
Provide us some more information please
What PC do you have (gpu, cpu, ram), what monitor do you currently have, what is your budget, what games do you play ect.
@siaan312 Thanks for your response.
I do have Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 14-inch R3-5300U/8GB/512GB SSD and want to switch with monitor because I want a big screen which would be more enjoyable. My budget is 3000$ and these are the games which I want to play The Artful Escape, Umurangi Generation,Escape from Woomera and Webbed.
These are very simple games in terms of graphical intensity, and your pc is pretty basic in terms of gaming prowess.
3000$ is enough to get a PC that is 10X greater and a sick monitor, you do not need this much.
If all you want is a bigger monitor, play on your tv or get a new TV.

If you want a normal desktop monitor, and care that the games look as sharp and as colorful as possible, look for a monitor with good color calibration out of the box, and one that support HDR (though I am unsure your games support it.) with a peak brightness of atleast 600nits and an HDR600 certification or higher
high refresh rate is also nice, but probably won't matter much in these basic, slow paced games, so would resolution not help much.

If you want to go all out, you can, but to be honest, the cheapest IPS panel that is a good size for you would work <---
I would say get a TV for this, but if you don't want a TV, then even a decent monitor would be nice to use in a desktop environment.

Note that even if you don't play graphically intense games or the PC can't hit high frame rates, high performance monitors can still offer a pleasant experience as long as the computer can simply drive it. Especially with monitors that can do black-frame insertion and you're sensitive to motion blurring (due to something called sample-and-hold that monitors do)