Question How do I choose the drive where a program is installed to?

Feb 22, 2019

I am trying to free up space on my laptop, (which has a tiny amount of storage on the C Drive (32GB I believe)) so that I can update Windows, download documents, and actually do stuff on my laptop. I have done multiple clean ups and deletions / uninstalls of temp / unnessecary files and apps, but this hasn't helped too much.

My anti-virus program is one of the largest programs / applications installed on my C Drive, and I was looking into how to move this program to a different drive (such as an SD Card, a.k.a the E Drive).

After discovering that it is not possible to MOVE my anti-virus program (Bitdefender), it seems the best way to solve this would be to uninstall and then reinstall Bitdefender to the SD card (E Drive).

However, when I reinstall Bitdefender, it gives me no option to choose a drive, and simply asks me to accept their terms and conditions and immediately and automatically installs it to my C Drive (the default location.)

Is there some kind of custom / advanced install I can do to force Bitdefender to install to a different location (the SD card)? Or some other method to solve this issue?

Many thanks,

~ fluflufrog
Jan 29, 2019
I'm not familiar with bitdefender but if you're open of options you can:
  • Clean install updated version of windows (don't forget to back up if you need)
  • Resize your C drive by shrinking size of another partition. (this video will help)
  • Replace your HDD with a bigger one (or SSD for better performance).

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