How do I configure wifi on my dell inspiron 6000?


Sep 18, 2010

I am not sure if that is the correct way to ask my question. I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with vista.

I used wifi when I stayed at my cousin's in England, in February and it worked fine.

When I returned home the wifi hasn't worked ever since.

The wifi is lit up to show that wifi is activated, but when I click on connect or disconnect to go online, there is no wifi option listed at all.

This did happen to me a couple of years ago and I couldn't work out what to do. I just left it and suddenly after about a year of not working, it suddenly popped up as an option again.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. You may have noticed that I don't really have the computer lingo and also, my computer is all in French so that is two reasons to keep any explanations or questions simple for me please!

Thank you,



Jul 27, 2010
It seems that your network card is working. Unless your settings from the time you were in england to the place you are now, i would look over and not inspect your laptop but the Router (source of your internet goes in this[wired] and allows it to split the internet connection to different computers).

1. You should check if your computer is connected to the a source that has a good connectivity.
You can do this by:
a) Click your start button.
b) Click on Connect To (should be the fourth option from the bottom on the right column)
c) Right Click and connect to any networks with a strong connectivity signal.
NOTE: some of these network are secured, with a pass code