Question How Do I Connect 3 Monitors To Computer?

Sep 11, 2019
I have an old computer (HP A6755Y, Windows Vista), and I'd like to connect 3 monitors to it.

The monitors are one Samsung 245T, and two 743BX.

The monitors have both VGA and DVI outputs inputs, but the HP computer has only one VGA input output.

What would be the best solution?

Thank you for any help!

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You need a graphics card that can support three monitors at the same time. And you do have a x16 PCIe slot to install one.

The problem is Vista--not only does it not allow use of different graphics adapters simultaneously unless they share the same driver (so you can't use your motherboard's built-in graphics at the same time), the requirement for drivers that work in Vista means you can only use a vintage card.

A problem with that is early three-monitor capable graphics cards usually required the third monitor to be displayport. One notable exception was the Sapphire FLEX cards that all came with the required extra TDMS transmitters right on the card. You could use an HDMI to DVI adapter for the 3rd monitor which should work fine because your highest resolution monitor is only 1080p (which single-link DVI can display).

Windows 10 would allow you to run a more modern card and runs no worse than Vista on such hardware. It also works perfectly even if left unactivated so can be used for free (the free update to 10 only worked with Windows 7 and later)