How do i connect a hdmi graphics card to vga monitor


If you purchased the card, retail, it probably would have come with a DVI to VGA adapter:


Use this (assuming your graphics card has a DVI output). DVI is the same digital output as HDMI so there won't be any difference between the two, visually.

-Wolf sends


Oct 26, 2013

sorry, but thats not really right.

first, the cable you posted says it already: NOTE: this cable don't support signal from VCR, COMPUTER or LAPTOP output.

look on the description on amazon. you can use an adapter from dvi-i to vga, yeah, but you need a converter to convert from dvi-d to vga.

same is with hdmi.

they are rotting out old vga monitors...

...and its so stupid.

or look at this

NOTE: Your Video card must support digital signal output through VGA port function. Please consult with your VGA card's user manual for more information.

its all about on what port you have which signal and wether its actually there or not, because, there is an dvi-d to vga adapter, which should not work - as its rumored - but can work:

hehe, so that adapter will only work if you cool brand new gfx card will hopefully have an analog signal on the dvi-d port.

if not, rip old monitor, get a converter or install 2. video card.

dayum, this is hard to believe.