How do I Connect my PC to my TV



The Pc im ive just bought ( I dont have it yet ) says it has HDMI output, and I know that my Tv has that aswell, from looking at the pictures on the PC and my TV there both female ports, so would I just need to look for a male to male HDMI cable and all would be good?

if thats so I guess my confusion was VGA I don't understand what this means, could some one please explain?



Oct 19, 2009
Since it appears that you have bought the computer online you should google "" and check out the HDMI cables they have on there. I found them and a couple other places sell cables for much cheaper than the local big box stores.

Also when it comes to HDMI, VGA, and DVI they are all formats in which you can output video, and in HDMI video plus audio to either your TV or cpu monitor.

VGA - small blue plug, analog signal for video, this was the standard a couple years back with most monitors
DVI - large white plug, digital signal for video, this came out and is typical for most monitors and TV's
HDMI - smallest plug, digital video and audio, this is the new hotness, ideal for TV's and some monitors

Keep in mind that when you switch between these plugs our computer uses different software to communicate with the TV and or monitor. This will affect the quality of the output since the resolution also plays a large amount as to the percieved quality of the picture.

For example I used an HDMI cable for my monitor that is set up for 1080P and it scaled the output incorrectly. I switched to DVI and it looks fine. The problem from my standpoint is the software. I am using an ATI 4850 and 24" viewsonic. I could rescale the output on my HDMI but it would in essence stretch the output and it just does not look as clear and crisp.

I hope this helps.


VGA is a strictly analog video-only signal system used mostly for computers to their monitors.

DVI is totally digital video only (originally) used a lot for connecting computer to monitor. Some "TV's" also accept this input. DVI cables do NOT carry audio in any form, so hooking up video this way usually means you use a separate cable to connect audio in whatever form to the sound output system.

HDMI also is digital on the video signals (in fact, electrically the digital video signals on HDMI and DVI are identical), but it also carries audio signals on the same cable. It is widely used for interconnections among computers, TV's, audio systems, DVD players, etc. Set up properly, you do NOT need separate audio connection cables when using HDMI. Some HDMI systems on "TV's" allow a second HDMI cable to be run from the TV to an audio system, thus passing the audio signals through the TV on to the audio system for better-quality reproduction.

If your computer has only a DVI output and no HDMI connector, an adapter can convert the DVI to an HDMI connector and give you the digital video part of the HDMI signals on a cable. However, the original DVI specs did not include audio so this adapter system does not address that issue. BUT some video cards, notably those based on ATI chips, include a feed of audio from the computer's audio system through the DVI output on otherwise-unused pins, and if you buy the correct adapter for this system you DO get both digital video and audio on the HDMI cable, conforming to the HDMI specs.

For OP, a standard HDMI cable is male-to-male and should do exactly what you need. You probably will not use VGA for anything - in fact, I don't know whether you even have a VGA output available on the computer you've ordered.


Oct 21, 2009
please re-check your output port, make sure if the output port is same with the input port...if there are not in the same type, I think many of hardware/ accessories shop sell the adapter for connected such this thing...