Question How do I control individual ARGB lights if they're daisy chained and connect to just one ARGB port?

Aug 1, 2021
I have two Cooler Master MF120 Halo ARGB fans that are daisy chained to each other and connect to one 4-1 pin port on a separate Cooler Master RGB Controller I purchased. Which is this one:

I'm new to RGB lighting but I assumed that since ARGB means you can control each light individually, that if I daisy chained them but connected them to one port on the controller the software could still address each light individually. But within the Master Plus software I saw no such option. It does however have the option to individually control both lights if I connect the other one to another of the four 4-1pin ports on this controller. Is that how ARGB works? one port per fan to controller the lights/effects individually? How about motherboards that have only one ARGB header, how do those control multiple lights individually? I just need to verify if daisy chaining the two ARGB lights removes the capability to control them individually, or am I just doing something wrong and should still be able to control them individually?
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